About Us


Excel Educational Trust is non profitable Service Motive Organization registered under the “ Indian Trust Act “ was started by Mr. S.A. Balakrishnan on March, 1999. Excel Educational Trust mainly concentrates on activities like Education, Free Tuition, Women & Child Development. The Trust also provides Free Uniforms, Free Books& concession in School fee to the poor students whose families are unable to afford money.

I. Our Salient features

1. Dedicated & efficient teachers.
2. Computer education to meet future challenge.
3. Encouraged for computer examination.
4. Separate Physics/Chemistry/Biology laboratories at High School & Higher Sce. Level.
5. Extensive Computer Laboratory.
6. Innovative Methodology in teaching.

II. Facilities

# Extensive computer lab for students of all age levels.
# Separate Phy/Chem/Bio lab for classes X to XII.
# Well equipped hall for Audio/Visual & Multimedia presentations.
# School Van/Bus are available for students transportation to school.
# School has a good collection of books in Library for all students.
# School has big play ground for conducting various Sports activities.

III. Computer Education

Computer education is given top priority in the school from primary level to enhance computer learning among children. There is an upgraded computer lab in the school which provides an online teaching to the students.

IV. Club Activities

* Science Club.
* Art Club.
* Social Science Club.
* Music Club.
* Extracurricular Activities.